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Ebony Woodruff

A Professional Law Corporation

Ebony Woodruff, APLC is a boutique virtual law firm based in New Orleans, Louisiana. We use legal technology to provide a holistic client-centric experience and efficient, cost-effective services. Our focal practice areas are estate planning, business, and agricultural and food law.

Our Culture

Our firm's culture is guided by the seven Principles of Ma'at: Truth, Balance, Order, Harmony, Reciprocity, Compassion, and Justice. These principles dictate our operations.

We believe truth is an extension of honesty, good faith, and sincerity. 

We believe balance is a state of equilibrium achieved by exercising moderation in our actions, thoughts, and emotions. 

We believe order is essential and vital to the growth of our consciousness. Order creates alignment in all aspects of life and it begins with finding  internal peace.


We believe for harmony to exist congruity between mind, body, and spirit must also exist.

We believe reciprocity is to give and to receive in equal measure. We believe that if our actions and intentions benefit others, they shall benefit us too. Reciprocity allows us to reap the benefits of our good deeds. The energy we give to others will return to us.

We believe compassion is the crown of all virtues. Compassion means that we are aware of the plight of others and we desire to alleviate it. Kindness, love, fellowship, and service emerge from compassion.

We believe justice requires us to deal fairly with others and to work to ensure all beings have access to opportunities.

The Principles of Ma'at are the foundation of our ethics and morality. We strive to embody them. They are an integral part of our professional and personal lives. 

Our Practice Model

We leverage the latest legal technology and offer alternative fee agreements to provide a holistic client-centric experience and efficient, cost-effective services. The only constant in life is change. The practice of law exemplifies this truth. The law is ever changing. It flows with the norms of society. Thereby, the practice of law demands attorneys evolve with the law and societal changes. The internet and electronic devices changed society and created a world of convenience. Cell phones, tablets, laptops, computers, and other electronic devices coupled with the internet make interacting and communicating easier than every before. Technology has changed how business is conducted. To adapt to the demand for remote services, we implemented a virtual law practice model.

Legal Technology

Virtual law practices are modern and innovative. They facilitate all business via the internet using secured client portals accessed through the firm's website. virtual law firms to have a secured and encrypted client portal on its website. Cloud-based client portals use top-notch security systems and technologies such as firewalls, end-to-end encryption, and malware and virus protections to ensure all information is safe. Portals allow clients and attorneys to engage each other on any phone, tablet, laptop, or computer from any location with an internet connection. Each client has a unique user name and password to access the portal. Clients and attorneys communicate and share information within the portal. Clients can download and upload documents, schedule meetings, sign documents, send messages, and make payments with debit or credit cards within their portal. In addition, portals grant clients 24/7 access to their files. Virtual law practices promote flexibility, efficiency, and mobility, and more importantly they foster a holistic client-centered experience of ease and convenience. 

Alternative Fee Agreements

Our pricing structure is also client-centered.  We offer alternative fee agreements in lieu of the traditional billable hour fee model because alternative fee agreements are transparent and promote fair dealings. The monetary exchange for our services is based upon a value-based pricing model, composed of fixed flat fees and monthly or short-term subscriptions. Accurate cost expectations allow clients to make informed cost-benefit evaluations of services. Further, straightforward fees create price clarity which promotes trust in the client-attorney relationship and gives clients peace of mind.


What We Do


Estate Planning


Business Law
Intellectual Property


Food and Beverage


Notary Services


The consultation does not establish an attorney-client relationship.

Legal advice will not be offered during the consultation.

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